Praise for Plant Teacher!

Recognized at the International Book Awards, the Green Book Festival, the Hollywood Book Festival, the Paris Book Festival, the Halloween Book Festival, and the Global E-Book Awards.

An Excellent Read

Good fiction books are ones that entertain, while at the same time leaving the reader with a better understanding of the truths they are trying to portray. Plant Teacher by Caroline Alethia does both... Above all, the book is honest... It is clear that the author -- who herself spent time in Bolivia -- was forced like so many Americans who live overseas to make sense of their experiences and the things they witnessed. Alethia chose to do this via the powerful medium of fiction. For those interested in Latin America and Bolivia, or who just want a book that will challenge them to think deeper, Plant Teacher is a must read. -- Joel Hirst, Huffington Post Books.

A Delight

I read Plant Teacher as a judge for the 2012 Global Ebook Awards, multicultural literature; I was looking for writing as well as story. Both are equally rewarding…. The dialog is sharp, to the point, and laden with insight into each speaker's thoughts. All the main characters are searching for something, but none pontificate on their thoughts . They convey just enough to move the story forward and keep it interesting. Best of all, the dialog sounds real. The author conveys vivid images in a few words. No pages-long descriptions of the Bolivian setting here - only precise, vivid, provocative splashes of well-chosen words that make the society and the setting come alive. No long physical descriptions of each character as we meet them - just a few sharp details that give us an image. And wonderful flights of imagination - Martin's hallucinations, Bolivia as character, a mystic syringe that works its way from LA in the opening chapter to Bolivia 35 years later.

In sum, Plant Teacher is a delight. Read for story and place, but take time to savor the language, to reread a sentence or paragraph or poem, to fully experience a fascinating tale well told.” — Terry Marshall, Author of Soda Springs: Love, Sex and Civil Rights

What a Find!

Caroline Alethia’s Plant Teacher is a delight to read. From the quirky beginning, which traces the journey of a syringe of LSD from North to South America, to the sumptuous descriptions of the inhabitants of La Paz, Bolivia, to the startling ending, Plant Teacher moves along at an exciting pace, drawing the readers into the lives and challenges of its leading characters. – Amazon Reviewer

An Engrossing Read

The plot moves along quickly, constantly pulling you in with different turns, the characters in this expatriate community are all beautifully developed, and the prose is sometimes soaring, particularly the descriptions of Bolivian life and politics... It makes you want the next Caroline Alethia novel to hurry up and come out. – Amazon Reviewer

Esoteric and Fabulous

The first word that springs to mind when describing Caroline Alethia's novel, Plant Teacher, is "esoteric." Some of the main themes the book explores include homeopathy, indigenous South American hallucinogenic plants, and the theories of Austrian psychoanalyst, Alfred Adler. Add to that a liberal sprinkling of Bolivian history, society and politics, and what you discover is a meaty story that works — incredibly well. I was captured by the first sentence of this novel and never did find a place where the narrative lagged for me. – Amazon Reviewer

College Grads Gone Wild in Bolivia

Alethia has us experiencing Bolivia with all five of our senses, traversing the country from the Andean highlands to the marshes and jungles of Amazonia, and visiting ancient ruins and busy city streets along the way. She also treats us to beautifully articulated glimpses of Bolivian life, history and politics. The Bolivian Ministry of Tourism should thank her — although, it should be added, she portrays the government as unsavory indeed. – Amazon Reviewer

Fear and Loathing in South America

Alethia's command of language is beautiful and engaging and many of the passages in this book, including several poems, will make you stop and want to re-read them for their aesthetic value alone. At the same time, the strong characters and the fast-paced plot will pull you in the other direction of wanting to find out quickly what happens next. This book is alternately a page-turner and something to savor. – Amazon Reviewer